lunallachi : “Sherlock, John, and Hamish being cute together as family?”

Hope this is cute enough? I imagine them doing their usual stuff with the addition of Hamish in their way being all pointy and questioning everything (◕‿◕✿)

3rd giveaway!

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dunatdan : “Uhnm marceline and PB goes on a legit date in legitly fashionable clothes(but eventually marcy failed to behave legitly in their legit dine) laughs omg dorky couple please phin ♥♥♥”


2nd giveaway winner!

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Wreck-It Lock because why the bloody hell not? Let’s Draw Sherlock challenge : Video Games! Originally a movie but hey they do have actual games too, right. Right?

Hope I’m not too late for the party! Happy Anniversary Let’s Draw Sherlock!!

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jackslenderman: ”Hobbit: Bilbo having a picnic with gandalf and Elrond.”

Such a heartwarming request, and I hope you like it as much as I do!

First art giveaway winner! More to come in the future ;)

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oowee 1st finished giveaway doneee the rest are mostly wips so please bear with me pretty people wait what it’s one am already whaaat

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Quick update!

I’ve been unwell for the past few days, and currently preparing for a con this week. Not to mention the tight job schedule, I barely eating.

And no worries giveaway winners, I’m also working some of your sketches prizes in between. Hopefully will release a few next week! Until then, stay healthy and happy.

P.S: If I didn’t reply your messages, 90% because I’m currently working on your requests also as a reminder for every time I checked my inbox. But if you do want a reply, feel free to poke me anytime!

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It seems my ‘dear brother’ celebrating his birthday today! Happy Birthday to Riva our beloved Fili, may all your hopes and dreams shines bright throughout the days ★

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