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I’m back Tumblr!  This pretty much sums up what happened last weekend at AFAID. I love my Elven group so much I weep everytime I walk with them. Feels so fabulous and majestic! *flips hair*

Photo by : Cospixel / https://www.facebook.com/cospixelstudio

Elrond : Alive Alf Photography
Arwen : Ritsuka
Thranduil : Vivent
Legolas : APHIN
Galadriel : Roy

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Anonymous said: Hey, I really love your art! I was just wondering do you take requests? Because I'm writing a Sherlock story and I'm on to my sequel and I would really love to post some art of the two characters on the side bar :)
Thank you sweet nonny! The answer to that is yes, I do take request ON certain occasions. I’m currently due to 6 more reqs from my art-giveaway. I’m truly sorry I won’t be able to add more before I finished all of them.
Please don’t get me wrong I’m highly interested in your request. May I read your story? 

On the other news, I’m really considering opening up comissions. It would be tremendously helpful for my income and I will be more than glad to draw your requests! So stay tune for it and thank you for asking :D

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so like in four days ahead there will be AFA ID (Anime Festival Asia ID), and I’m struggling with my Legolas outfit. Until then, I shall battle the hotglue and acrylic-paints before I can touch my pen tablet again. 


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compliments-people said: You're awesome and an amazing person!

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Here lies Phin. Cause of death; BotFA trailer. RIP Phin.

Wake me up when December comes.

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"How could you possibly capture both arch-nemesis Moriarty and Sherlock in a selfie? Only the Dominatrix knows how!"

That time I dragged a few friends to cosplay BBC Sherlock, it was fantastic.

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