"How could you possibly capture both arch-nemesis Moriarty and Sherlock in a selfie? Only the Dominatrix knows how!"

That time I dragged a few friends to cosplay BBC Sherlock, it was fantastic.

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5.35 AM — calls from Greg — grumpy Sherlock — pissed John.
Just another day in 221B. A slight continuation from this doodle.

Good morning! Or noon, I just woke up. It’s half past twelve here. 

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alittlelostkitten : "I HAVE A NEED. John telling Sherlock that sherlock is beautiful while they do something like fluffy cuddles *^▁^*OMG I cannot even *dies from fluffiness* XD thanks again for the random giveaway win XD ♡♡ Love ur artttt XD"

Love you too darling! Hope this count as cuddles? In my mind they were watching some model/beauty shows such as ANTM on telly for no apparent reasons hahah

9th giveaway!

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Finally home! Jakarta still hot as always. Another news; 

My baby brother has gotten taller suddenly, his height is the same as me despite the 12 years difference wtf he hasn’t reach puberty yet

Also fixing the #doodle diary tag, it is now under the 11th Doctor button on the right top corner of my home page. By all means, please do check (◕‿◕✿)

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Sometimes I like to draw things based on actual events IRL or RP’s or headcanons with this particular monochromatic style. So! From now on I’ll tag these kind of quickie sketch as #doodle diary, with fandom alongside the tags so this one is #sherlock diary, etc. 

Good night lovely folks! 

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aaaaaalmost finished the 9th and 10th giveaway but at the mean time I’ll post some ol’ quickie doodles. Also will travel back home with brother dear tomorrow morning, can’t wait to share stories and film/tv references with him along the way

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thesherlockedgirlintheredcoat said: Your elderly Johnlock is stunning. Have you ever watched the sitcom Vicious? It's basically elderly Johnlock, with Ian McKellan and Derek Jacobi. Just thought you might want to check it out :) It's hilarious!
You’re too sweet, thank you! And what a perfect timing, I really need to watch something new in this painful hiatus time. Plus it’s Sir Ian haha! Can’t wait to watch it, thanks again for the recs :>

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