thesherlockedgirlintheredcoat said: Your elderly Johnlock is stunning. Have you ever watched the sitcom Vicious? It's basically elderly Johnlock, with Ian McKellan and Derek Jacobi. Just thought you might want to check it out :) It's hilarious!
You’re too sweet, thank you! And what a perfect timing, I really need to watch something new in this painful hiatus time. Plus it’s Sir Ian haha! Can’t wait to watch it, thanks again for the recs :>

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B-A-D's First Follow Forever


First, I would like to point out that I am terrible at internet things like photoshop or creating themes or coming up with something fancy so until I have the time or brains to do it, my first follow forever will be plain and to the point. Apologies.

Anyway, this first follow forever is to…

IM CRYING WITH JOY that’s very sweet of you love, bless you!

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Anonymous said: It's good to have you back! šŸ˜š

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misscinnamonbun: “Hello well now ive made my mind, could you do an old couple johnlock?”

Oh yes please and thank you so much for the idea, I had a great time drawing them as an old couple.Ā Forgive me again it took a long time, hope you like it as much as I do!

8th giveaway!

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idk why but it seems tumblr had eaten my text post earlier? well anyway

TWO WEEKS HOLIDAY YAY. Recent works has been very time consuming and it’s finally over (well at least until further revision next month). I work in a sort of game studio if anyone wonders. No time to loose I shall get started posting the doodles!

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Happy 38th Birthday to the Best-British-Cheekbones!
Can you spot all the 38 clues or possibly more of BC?

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